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For your information the organization of the Pacific Business is taking in charge flight expenses from your country to Tahiti, the accommodation for four nights (from the 19 th to the 23 rd of March), transfers between Tahiti and the Pacific Business Day’s place, and official dinners for all official members of a delegation only.

Flight details

WARNING: Please be sure to obtain your VISAS for your trip. You will need one visa for transit in New-Zealand. Please refer to the New Zealander embassy. AND you will need one visa for your stay in French Polynesia. Please refer to the French embassy.

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Tuesday March 20 th – Day 1Wednesday March 21st – Day 2Thursday March 22nd – Day 3Friday March 23 rd - Day 4

Inter-delegation meeting

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Specific needs

Please indicate if you have any specific needs we need to take into consideration to organize your stay (reduced mobility, food allergy or food restrictions…)

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following address :